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Fee Filing Info

The topic of fee levels is probably the most significant aspect of dental prepayment. At Delta Dental of Alaska, we recognize that fees are an extremely sensitive issue, with a need for maximum understanding by the patient, the dentist and us. Below is an explanation of the percentile calculations which will hopefully make it easier to understand.

The 80th Percentile

The 80th percentile maximum allowable is calculated based on the filed fees of all participating dentists. Filed fees are those fees usually charged and collected for a given service by an individual dentist to all of his/her private patients. The maximum plan allowance is a determination of what should be a market rate fee for any dentist to charge.

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Filed Fees and Maximum Plan Allowance

Participating dentists file their fees with Delta Dental for procedure codes performed by their office. A filed fee is your Delta Dental accepted fee charged to your patients for a given service. Fees that are filed at or below the Delta Dental Maximum Plan Allowance (MPA) are accepted. Fees filed at a rate higher than the Delta Dental MPA must be adjusted.

The Delta Dental MPA for each procedure code is based on the fees filed by approximately eight out of 10 Delta Dental participating dentists and various marketplace factors. The Delta Dental MPA is set up regionally. The maximums developed by this method are reviewed once a year. Any changes in the Maximum Plan Allowance will be effective January 1st. As a participating dentist, you may revise your fees annually.

Fees for Specialists

By definition, the 80th percentile assumes the filed fees are being compiled and compared with dentists of similar training and experience for the same service. It is important to understand the term "same service." If the service provided by the specialist is exactly the same as that provided by the general dentist, the maximum fee is the same for both (e.g. full mouth X-rays). However, if the procedures are specific to a specialist's training the specialist will be reimbursed at a higher Maximum Plan Allowance.

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The Fee Filing Process

Fee Filing & Collection

The process begins with the individual dentist completing the Delta Dental of Alaska Confidential Fee Listing and Participating Dentist Agreement, and submitting the form to Delta Dental. The dentists individual fees and the Maximum Plan Allowance are kept completely confidential.

Provision for Fee Increases

Each dentist may submit a new fee for each procedure once every year. The fees are collected for a period of two years and then a new Maximum Plan Allowance is calculated.

Response to Fees

If a particular fee is within the Maximum Plan Allowance, a letter is sent advising the dentist that their fee is accepted. When filed fees exceed the Maximum Plan Allowance the dentist is advised that the fee needs to be adjusted. The effective date of your filed fees is the date signed on page 12 of the Delta Dental of Alaska Confidential Fee Listing and Participating Dentist Agreement.

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Contractual Obligations

The dentist, as part of his/her contract with Delta Dental of Alaska, agrees that his/her reimbursement for covered services will not exceed their filed fee or the maximum allowable (80th percentile).

Delta Dental of Alaska, as part of our contract with our subscribers, agrees to allow the full, actual accepted fee of the participating dentist. Therefore, if our program provides 80 percent payment, we pay 80 percent of the full, actual accepted fee.

The subscriber, as part of his/her contract with Delta Dental of Alaska, has a guarantee that he/she will not receive any charges in addition to the copayment percentage (e.g. 20 percent). The patient looks upon this as a "hold harmless" agreement, i.e. they will not have to pay any excess charges on services received that are part of the standard benefit contract.

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Non-Participating Dentists

Claims received for treatment performed by non-participating dentists are paid differently if the Delta Dental member is insured through an out of state control plan. In this case, the maximum allowable fee is established as the 51st percentile.

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Helpful Hints

  • Payments from Delta Dental to participating dentists are based on their accepted fees with Delta Dental of Alaska.
  • A Confidential Fee Listing form must be submitted whenever a fee revision is requested.
  • Dentists may submit a new fee for each procedure once every year.
  • Do not list fees for procedures on the survey that you do not routinely perform in your office.
  • When a given procedure has complications or extenuating circumstances, dentists may submit a narrative explanation which will be reviewed by our Dental Consultant.

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Electronic Filed Fee System

If you’re an Delta Dental of Oregon Premier participating dental provider, the Delta Dental Electronic Filed Fee System is an online tool for filing your fees electronically.

What is required to file fees online?

Dentists must be participating in the Delta Dental Premier Network, with access to a computer and have a Benefit Tracker account.

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What is the advantage of filing fees electronically?

Dentists can file fees in real time in a just a few minutes.

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How often can new fees be filed?

New fees can be proposed once every 180 days (six months), from the last filed fee accepted date.

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Can the fee filing process be stopped at any time and completed at a later time or date?

Yes. Save the work in process by clicking the Save button and return to complete it at a later time or date. It’s recommended that you hit the Save button every 30 minutes when actively working in the system to ensure that no work is lost.

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Can fees be filed any time of day?

Yes, the system is available 24/7 except for occasional maintenance periods.

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Who can I contact for help?

Please refer to “How do I file my fees online?” and the FAQs link on the main page of the fee-filing application for guidance. NOTE: The FAQ button is a pop-up window. If you have a pop-up blocker activated in your browser, you will need to disable it for this application.

To begin filing your fees using the Delta Dental Electronic Filed Fee System, click on the following link to register and sign on to Benefit Tracker.

For more information, go to the Benefit Tracker information page or contact the Benefit Tracker Administrator toll-free at 877-337-0651. For other questions or concerns, please call Dental Professional Relations at 503-265-5720 or toll-free 888-374-8905, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Fee Filing Info

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