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Well@work Employer Toolkit

If you've decided that you need a wellness program at your workplace, you've come to the right spot. Here you'll find a suite of extensive resources to keep your employees engaged in their own health, including how to assess your company's wellness needs and tips for planning an onsite health fair.

Research phase:

Before you begin establishing a wellness program, it's a good idea to do some research. Check out the guides below to identify cultural and environmental factors unique to your organization, which will help you design an effective program.

Starting your program:

We've found that successful wellness programs share common strategies. As you implement your program, the resources below will help you establish a strong foundation for a healthy workplace.

Keeping employees engaged:

Employee participation is essential to a successful wellness program. Use the tools below to encourage interaction and gain momentum. Establishing clear policies, benefits and incentives and publicizing activities will keep health and wellness a central focus at your workplace.

Health fair planning guide

Maintaining the focus on health at your workplace:

Once you've made health and wellness a primary focus at your workplace, it's important to keep it top of mind. The materials below will give you ideas for ways to make wellness a part of your company's DNA, such as healthy lunchroom and catering options.

Healthy food options

Moda Health Be Better tools programs and services:

In addition to assisting you with your workplace wellness needs, Moda Health Be Better tools provides a wide array of services to help your employees get the most out of their health plan.

Help your employees understand their benefits

Thank you for your interest in creating a workplace wellness program with Moda Health. Please contact us to set up a wellness consultation that will help you create a successful plan.

To access ready-to-use collateral for your workplace, visit our
Health Promotion Campaigns page.


We have exciting news to share. ODS is changing its name to Moda Health.

Moda comes from the latin term "modus" and means "a way". We picked it because that's what we are here to do: help our communities find a way to better health.

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