Affordable Care Act FAQs

What is the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

The ACA, sometimes called Obamacare, is a federal law that was created to make health benefits better and more accessible.

Can health benefit companies turn me down for a pre-existing condition?

No. The Affordable Care Act makes it illegal to deny coverage or charge more to someone based on a pre-existing health condition or issue.

What is a health plan Marketplace?

Also called an Exchange, a health plan Marketplace is an online hub where you can buy affordable health coverage.

In Alaska, Oregon and Texas, you can buy a medical and dental plan on the federal Marketplace, In Idaho you can buy a medical and dental plan on the state marketplace, Moda Health and Delta Dental also offer a variety of individual and family plans to fit your needs.

What is an advanced premium tax credit (APTC)?

This is a type of federal financial assistance. You can use a tax credit to help pay for your medical plan if you qualify. You must apply for this assistance through or to qualify based on household size and income and location before you enroll in a plan.

Am I eligible for a tax credit?

Visit or to see whether you qualify for this type of federal financial assistance. You will need to provide your location, income, age and household size.

Do I have to buy my plan on the Marketplace?

You don't have to buy a health plan on or unless you qualify for federal financial assistance. If you do qualify for assistance and want to use it, you must enroll through or Texas residents can shop our plans here, but must buy a health plan on

Can I enroll directly through Moda Health and still use financial assistance?

If you enroll directly through us without visiting or you won’t be able to use federal financial assistance. Shop our plans and we’ll send you to or so you can apply for assistance and use it to lower your health plan costs.