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Welcome to Moda Health in Texas

Welcome Texas Producers

Keeping your clients healthy is an investment that pays dividends. Moda Health Plan is here to support your clients, every step of the way.

Our plans are designed to fit the healthcare needs of employers and their members.

About Moda Health

Moda Health is a premier health insurer known for its exceptional customer service, rich history of providing benefits that members and their employers love, best-in-class online tools and more.

We’ve got great plans for Texas

We are entering Texas by offering Equal Funding plans. We’ll help manage the complexity of health insurance while you and your clients manage the costs of the plans.

Digital tools provide simplicity for you and your clients

Producer tools

You will have quick access to all the information you need to work with us.

Employer tools

Our best-in-class Employer Dashboard is a 1-stop destination for employers to manage enrollment, eligibility, reporting and invoices.

Member tools

Your clients’ employees and their families have access to our Member Dashboard. They can use it to get the most out of their benefits, access care and stay healthy.

Forms, documents and guides

We want you to be able to easily access everything you need to work with us. Download forms, documents and guides now.


Talk to our sales team at 800-578-1402 or email

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