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Experience better with data-driven solutions

Moda 360 uses holistic data to provide more effective, personalized healthcare that meets the unique needs of each employee and member

Health insurance can be more than just a benefit to provide to your employees. It's an investment in the health of your employees and your company.

Meet Moda 360. Our new, comprehensive data-driven solution uses holistic data to treat the whole person. This drives better engagement and a better healthcare experience for each of your employees and their families.


Now available as an app!

Download the free Moda 360 mobile app from your app store and take charge of your health — no matter where you are.

Better data

Moda 360 provides a complete picture of each one of your employees and their families, so we can identify and recommend the best path forward.

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We start with clinical data. Then, we go deeper by adding:

  • Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data
  • Race, Ethnicity and Language, Disability (REALD) data
  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity (SOGI) data
A comparison chart shows the basic member claims data today versus a deeper list of personalized data collected with Moda 360.

With this 360-degree view, we understand the clinical, social, economic and environmental factors that impact a person's health and their ability to engage with healthcare. We use that knowledge to remove barriers and deliver unique, personalized healthcare bundles for each of your employees and their families. This increases the likelihood of getting them to participate in their recommended treatment plan. That's the first step in improving engagement.

Better engagement

We don't just stop there. Moda 360 is transforming healthcare using a combination of data, human connection, and digital interaction to truly connect with - and inspire - our members to participate in their health. Because when members become more engaged in their care, it can lead to better health and better outcomes. Some benefits of engaged members include:

  • Improved self-management and treatment adherence. When members are more engaged, they feel more ownership and empowerment over their health and their care. This leads to a higher likelihood that they'll actively participate in their health.
  • Increased preventive care utilization. When members are engaged, they are more likely to proactively seek preventive care. This helps improve their overall health by helping to detect and prevent serious diseases and medical problems. Preventive care can also help reduce emergency room visits.
A Moda Health member asks a Health Navigator about Moda 360 personalized services that can improve her health.

Human connection

Every Moda 360 member has access to our Health Navigators and Care 360 clinical teams.

Our Health Navigators make healthcare easier for your employees by:

  • Troubleshooting provider billing issues
  • Connecting them to Care Programs that provide added support for their specific health needs
  • Providing appointment scheduling support
  • Helping with care coordination referrals

Our Care 360 team of highly skilled nurses, case managers and member health advocates improve health access, care and outcomes by:

  • Providing specialized, concierge-level outreach
  • Helping your employees before their health condition worsens or escalates
  • Facilitating high-quality, integrated care
Moda Health members can access their Member Dashboard from a smartphone and a computer.

Digital integration

Moda 360 is powered by a connected platform serving members, Health Navigators and the Care 360 team.

  • Members can use their Member Dashboard to find the health actions that are best for their specific needs, to manage their health and peace of mind
  • Health Navigators access the most critical information about a member and their health needs, so they can identify and support members with the next best action for their health and health management
  • The Care 360 team connects the right services to members faster, and in a more personalized way, so members receive guidance on all the ways their health plan and benefits support their whole health

Better experiences

Combining data and engagement delivers better experiences for your employees and your company.

Moda 360 is providing healthcare that is:


Next best actions delivered in easy-to-consume ways for members. Behind the scenes, actionable insights help guide them for optimal health outcomes.


Powered by a connected platform that ensures all have access to the data they need to effectively deliver on their role. Health Navigators help, guide and support. The Care 360 team drives for better health outcomes and enhancements. Members engage in their health to reach personal goals.


Catered to your population's needs and specific health and social factors


One-touch digital engagement and enablement when members want to self-serve. Health Navigators and the Care 360 team are available when the human touch is needed.

To learn more about how Moda 360 can help you deliver competitive health benefits and manage costs to support your company's bottom line, contact your Moda Health Sales and Service team member today.


We have exciting news to share. ODS is changing its name to Moda Health.

Moda comes from the latin term "modus" and means "a way". We picked it because that's what we are here to do: help our communities find a way to better health.

Together, we can be more, be better.

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